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Blast Chamber Radio

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea

Blast Chamber Radio aims to focus on the one group that is ruining your every day life...... people that cant laugh. Lets make sure those backed up sissy's get what's coming to them. A swift kick in the hilarity…

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Blast Plays

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea, Nick Newton, and Jacob Davis

Blast Plays is ran by the Hosts of Blast Chamber Radio. Watch the team try and play through all the newest and hottest games, while diving into some old classics and prove they might be the worst gamers…

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The Keto Convert Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Isbell

Welcome to the Keto Convert Podcast. The show that aims to make Keto easy to follow, affordable, and doesn't overwhelm you with science. We'll go over tips, hacks, and how to overcome the social stigma, that Keto is just way too hard. We have been converted, and we think you will…

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Three Guys One Movie

Hosted ByNick Newton

Three Guys One Movie is a show with group of idiots that think they understand movies, think they have a valid reason to form an opinion about movies, and give inaccurate bad info about said movies. Enjoy the train wreck and listen on while you scream at your speakers for us to shut…

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Our Recent Releases
  • We're doing Isaiah picks all month. We begin with Condorman, the story of a comic book artist turned CIA agent. This was a significant film in Isaiah's childhood, how does it hold up to his adult standards? Find out by listening wherever you get your podcasts, or use that handy #linkinbio
  • We watch Cloverfield, which is the story of a going away party gone awry after TJ Miller blurbs the guest of honor's secret. Thanks for the suggestion @wsbh_narrator! This ends our found footage month, so go check it out wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • If someone told me the industry came to a consensus that Train to Busan is considered the definitive Zombie film, I would have no problem agreeing with them. There of course is a debate that others are better (28 week/days later, Dawn of the dead, Night of the Living Dead, etc..), but every part of this film executes what it sets out to accomplish almost perfectly. Not only are how Zombies work in the film carefully handled and exciting to watch, but the motivations of every character easily translates without actually feeling like a trope within the genre. Even the arc of our main father and daughter is handled perfectly. The relationship between them never feels forced (thanks in no small part by their outstanding acting), but also has an extremely heart felt arc throughout the film that feels fully realized and doesn't leave anything on the table. Another decision that helps this story move along without provocation is the adherence to a downscaled and focused plot. Yes we see the world in a state of emergency due to a zombie outbreak, but we don't get a huge explanation on why, nor a gigantic block buster view of what exactly is going on outside of our core group. The cinematography and art department also deserve a huge shout out. There are so many shots that stand out in this film, especially when it comes to zombies, and the final one of the film. If you are a film maker or have an eye for this sort of thing, you'll no doubt walk away from Train to Busan pleased. Lastly, If you like horror, zombie films, and expertly told story telling, this movie is... well it should be for everyone. 
9.5 extra Wii's out of 10 - @emulizers 
Also, THANK YOU creators for letting your characters call the monsters "zombies" instead of some random name because they've never heard of it.
  • We watched Capture Kill Release, which is basically a serial killer automockumentary. We get pretty contentious, but doesn't that make for the best discussion? Find out by using that #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod or download wherever you get your podcasts.
  • We watched V/H/S, a found footage anthology film framed by a story of vagrants breaking into dead person's house to steal a video tape. We evaluate each short film and give our thoughts on the work as a whole. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • I debated on whether or not to bother with this review. Who is this movie even for? Current Chucky fans dont want this as the series is still going and is debatably better than ever and non fans should already not care for the premise. If Child's Play had stopped after the first one, then maybe you have a better play at making this work, but all this movie does is get rid of the elements that make the original scary and have any type of outward appearance of what Chucky is supposed to be. The whole origin of this new doll is a disgruntled factory worker?! He programs a doll to turn on "kill mode" which for some reason was programmed in the first place? So lets LITERALLY just take the soul out of what made people remotely care about this franchise in the first place, cool. Lets just forget the plot and move to the next thing that is offensive. The Doll design somehow manages to be profoundly worse than the one first created in 1988. Its clunky, in no way seems like it can move at any type of speed, always glitches, doesn't remotely fit the ADR, and the face alone has some of the worst animatronics I've seen in decades. Mark Hamill does a fine enough job, but even the legendary voice actor cant save this trash plot, even in the mind-numbing awful finale. The length of this review is already giving it too much credit for being an actual film. Its not scary, not entertaining, makes zero sense, and fits within no universe that makes sense for humans to have to interact with. The one and only thing that is actually great about this movie (and will lend it any type of rating) is the soundtrack that Bear McCreary provides which is rarely used enough to help give this film any type of atmosphere. - @emulizers 
1 Damballa's out of 10

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