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Blast Chamber Radio

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea

Blast Chamber Radio aims to focus on the one group that is ruining your every day life...... people that cant laugh. Lets make sure those backed up sissy's get what's coming to them. A swift kick in the hilarity…

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Blast Plays

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea, Nick Newton, and Jacob Davis

Blast Plays is ran by the Hosts of Blast Chamber Radio. Watch the team try and play through all the newest and hottest games, while diving into some old classics and prove they might be the worst gamers…

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The Keto Convert Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Isbell

Welcome to the Keto Convert Podcast. The show that aims to make Keto easy to follow, affordable, and doesn't overwhelm you with science. We'll go over tips, hacks, and how to overcome the social stigma, that Keto is just way too hard. We have been converted, and we think you will…

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Three Guys One Movie

Hosted ByNick Newton

Three Guys One Movie is a show with group of idiots that think they understand movies, think they have a valid reason to form an opinion about movies, and give inaccurate bad info about said movies. Enjoy the train wreck and listen on while you scream at your speakers for us to shut…

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Our Recent Releases
  • All new @3guys1moviepod episode up now!

TGOM: Midsommar Ep.121

Nick and newcomer to the show Kendall review the tension filled horror from Ari Aster with Midsommar. Were they able to handle the intensity and unsettling nature of the film? Find out! 
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  • No Jacob or Isaiah? Hakuna matata. Nick gives his thoughts on the "live action" remake of The Lion King. Download wherever you get your podcasts, or click the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • We watched Spirited Away, which is the story of a girl that gets trapped in wage slavery in the spirit world with her dragon boyfriend. Nick obviously loves it, but how do Jacob and Isaiah feel? Can this animated classic win them over? Download wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • We watched Spider-Man: Far From Home, maybe you've heard of it. We discuss our likes, dislikes, and the future of the Spidey franchise. Spoiler: Jacob mixes up Brightburn and Spider-Man. Download wherever you get your podcasts, or click the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • 2 more videos up now! 
Blast Plays does a Full Run, with No Deaths, of both Contra and Super C! Full Vids on Blast Plays Youtube. 
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  • All new Video Up Now!

Blast Plays: Contra Anniversary Collection

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