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Blast Chamber Radio

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea

Blast Chamber Radio aims to focus on the one group that is ruining your every day life...... people that cant laugh. Lets make sure those backed up sissy's get what's coming to them. A swift kick in the hilarity…

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Blast Plays

Hosted ByIsaiah Gardea, Nick Newton, and Jacob Davis

Blast Plays is ran by the Hosts of Blast Chamber Radio. Watch the team try and play through all the newest and hottest games, while diving into some old classics and prove they might be the worst gamers…

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The Keto Convert Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Isbell

Welcome to the Keto Convert Podcast. The show that aims to make Keto easy to follow, affordable, and doesn't overwhelm you with science. We'll go over tips, hacks, and how to overcome the social stigma, that Keto is just way too hard. We have been converted, and we think you will…

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Three Guys One Movie

Hosted ByNick Newton

Three Guys One Movie is a show with group of idiots that think they understand movies, think they have a valid reason to form an opinion about movies, and give inaccurate bad info about said movies. Enjoy the train wreck and listen on while you scream at your speakers for us to shut…

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Our Recent Releases
  • We watched the 80's classic Back to the Future. Isaiah enlightens us on the full timeline, and discuss our impressions of it from a 2019 perspective, and cover what makes it so beloved. Download wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • I know I said News Room was the end all be all.... but holy fuck is this west world episode not some of the best shit ever
  • We're doing the IMDb top 250! What movies would you recommend for our listener choice episode?
  • Isaiah and Jacob watched It Chapter 2, and discuss the performances, scares, and where these It films stand in the horror franchise landscape. Download wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod
  • We watched Apocalypse Now, which is the story of Francis Ford Coppola slowly losing his mind trying to recreate Vietnam. This film split the Palme D'or in 1979, how does it stand up 40 years later? Download wherever you get your podcasts, or use the #linkinbio
  • We watched Deep Throat, which is the story of a woman with a particular birth defect that makes oral sex more pleasurable. This film revolutionized porn, but it also has a dark story behind it. Don't watch this movie, just listen to our episode. Use the #linkinbio @3guys1moviepod or download wherever you get your podcasts.

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